How to Use Systems to Ensure Great Customer Service |

Great customer service is not an accident. Beyond the immediate experience, the primary concern of your customers is that they will continue to receive great service every time they encounter your business. Service that is great one time, terrible next and mediocre the time after that will drive away customers quickly.Mature businesses understand this concept and develop systems to serve their client’s needs and, when feasible, go above and beyond.Let’s consider the average rental car company office at a busy airport. For all offsite offices the company may expect that the weary traveler needs transportation – typically a shuttle bus or van – to reach the office and sign for the car. If you’ve ever traveled to a new airport and tried to find the right curb for the right rental car company you may know how confusing this can be.Imagine for a moment that your car rental company sent you a simple email with easy to follow instructions on your arrival airport, how to get from the terminals to the shuttle area, the hours that shuttles run and how to contact the office for help.That’s the level of customer service that each and every business should strive to achieve and, the best part, is that by systematizing the process you won’t have to invest a lot of time or money into making it reality.Great customer service doesn’t happen by accident, it’s measured and researched and designed with the client in mind.By systematizing your processes the majority of your investment happens up front when you are reviewing and preparing. Then, once the system is complete, it can usually go on auto pilot.For the airport example, a simple rule that recognizes each rental reservation at LAX would trigger an email to send 24 hours before the pick up time.Another benefit of systems is that once the first iteration is complete, each subsequent system is easier to adapt. By completing the LAX to rental company instructions, the national office can recreate such a system for other airport locations, substituting the maps, written instructions and contact information.Systems enable you to deliver high levels of customer service as standard practice, increasing the value of your offers and conditioning your clientele to expect the best from you and your team. It’s not just receiving one great customer experience that makes a difference, but the consistency that encourages repeat business.Don’t you want your clients and customers to say the same thing after they encounter your business? If you want to make an impression that creates loyalty then you need solid customer service systems to guarantee that your business is meeting and exceeding expectations.

Service Office – Affordable and Efficient Office Space For Your Business |

A serviced office is a fully equipped office or even a whole office building that is managed and maintained by a facility company, which then rents it out to other companies. Other terms for serviced offices are business centers, executive centers, and managed offices. Because of the affordability and convenience that these offices offer, they have become commonplace facilities in many advanced cities all over the world.Service Office FeaturesIt is imperative that the serviced office of your choice offers all the standard office equipment and devices, as well as services; otherwise, you and your company will not be able to function properly and perform typical day-to-day business activities. You must commit only to a complete office, since this is essential to the smooth flow of the routine operation of your company. The following are the necessary features that must be present in any modern, reliable business serviced office.Complete Office Equipment and Devices, such as PCs, Modems, Printers, ScannersOffice Furniture, tables, and chairsCommunication devices, such as telephone, fax machine, and answering machineReliable Internet ConnectionSecurity Cameras / PersonnelCleaning PersonnelMaintenance ServiceAdvantages of Using Serviced OfficePerfect for EveryoneYou might have a small business that needs the use of minimal office space, or a good-sized company that will require a dozen workstations. Either way, it is advisable to take advantage of serviced offices. Whether a business exists on a project-to-project basis, or expected to continue fluidly for the longest term, these offices will surely meet every kind of business needs.Cost EffectivePeople choose to go for service apartments since they have been proven to offer great value for their money. For one thing, you will never need to worry about usual expenses such as set-up costs. Likewise, there is no such thing as having to pay for solicitor’s fees.Flexible and AdjustableThese offices are flexible in more ways than one. When it comes to the physical aspect, you can do just about anything, like modify office arrangement or expand the area for it to suit your company’s requirement. In the aspect of contracts, you can go and extend the lease or simply relocate to another place with great ease. There will hardly be any problem when it comes to leasing obligations.Total ConvenienceThese offices are assured to be fully equipped and ready to use by the company staff. There is no need for your own staff to clean and maintain the office since the facility company provides such services, the payment for which have already been included in the monthly rent.Modern Technology AvailableWith serviced offices, you can benefit from the use of the latest in office technology, such as high speed internet connection, safe and modern wiring and cabling, ample illumination for offices, ergonomic office chairs, tables, and furniture, air conditioning, among many others.Simply put, serviced offices are some of the most flexible and convenient facilities that individuals and companies can consider for the office space requirements.